Many people start DIY home projects on their own, like cabinet refinishing. Sometimes, they will find halfway through the project, they didn’t realize the scope of the work that they were taking on. Cabinet refinishing involves a lot of attention to detail, a careful eye, but most importantly, craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at why you should hire a team to refinish your cabinets.

Cleaning and Preparing Your Kitchen For Refinishing

This is probably the most important step when you go to refinish your cabinets. Over the years, areas around your refrigerator, stove, and microwave accrue oils and grease. Before the painting process even starts, this needs to be cleaned. The Cabinets Painter team will use a specialized TSP heavy duty cleaner. This is a solution that primes areas of your kitchen for painting. The TSP heavy duty cleaner will get rid of grease. If paint is applied to a cabinet without thorough cleaning, the paint will chip off quickly after the work is completed.

The next important step is sanding. Sanding is a very important part of the painting process. You want to have the paint sanded enough so that it is rough, but you don’t want to sand so much that you cut deep into the wood. At first, a rough surface makes the primer stick better. As the original layers of primer coat are put on, this allows it to stick. Sanding happens with each coat. Finally, the last coat will be put on and the sanding process, overall, contributes to a very smooth surface.

You also want to make sure that you have a team that will thoroughly clean your kitchen and remove the cabinets, placing plastic and tape over surfaces that you don’t want painted. When you have your kitchen cabinets finished, our team will take off all of the hinges and handles to your cabinets. We also will take off the cabinets themselves so that the paint is applied correctly.

How Many Coats of Primer Does It Take? 

Primer is the actual layer of paint that is used to build the base of any painting project. The number of coats of primer will actually depend upon the desired end result, as well as the existing tone/color of the cabinets. Most of the time, one or two coats of primer are adequate. For darker existing colors, it might take two to three coats to get the desired effect. Before each coat of primer is placed, there is usually some sanding involved so that the primer bonds correctly. The coats of primer will make the end result look outstanding, as well as add some additional life to your new cabinet surface. 

The primer tends to be white for the most part. After the primer is applied in the appropriate number of coats, the final color is sprayed on to give the cabinets their final look. 

Sometimes, people will have really grainy cabinets because of the wood. The end goal for many people is to have cabinets that look smooth. Most primers for cabinet painting will smooth 90% of the grain after a fully completed job. With the final coat applied, any grain will not be visible to the eye. 

The Right Equipment For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Many people who do this type of work on their own will often think that brushes and rollers are adequate. Brushes contribute to a texture that you won’t want. Rollers often have the same problem. It takes real gear to finish your cabinets. We spray on the cabinet finishing paint so that you have a texture that looks smooth and professional. 

Paint spraying allows for smoother coverage. When The Cabinets Painter use a paint sprayer, ther is no concern about unsightly brush strokes. More often than not, a roller or brush will require touch up or sanding after the fact. 

How Long Does It Take For a Professional Cabinet Finishing Team To Do the Work? 

The Cabinets Painter is a professional company and will generally be able to get the job done pretty quickly. If you are going to do the painting yourself, you are likely looking at a few weeks. Depending upon the size of the kitchen, our team can get it done in anywhere from 5 to 10 days. We follow a system that allows us to be productive and efficient, giving you great results wherever we do cabinet work in your home. 

Cleaning Up After the Fact

When The Cabinets Painter is done with your project, we make sure that we remove all of our plastic and painting materials. We’ll make sure that your cabinets are put back just the way they were before we started. We also make sure that we get your feedback on how the cabinets look. If there are any imperfections, we’ll also do touch up work to make sure everything looks great. 

Why Choose Refinishing Over Replacement

There are times when you might be thinking of replacing your cabinets. At the end of the day, it all depends upon the kitchen. Replacing the cabinets will cost more and will take more time. A high end cabinet installation will cost around $5,000 to $18,000 depending upon the amount of work that is installed. Refinishing cabinets often costs only a fraction of that and will ofen end up with a similar, if not better result. 

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