Cabinet Painting Hialeah

is a cabinet finishing company that offers the highest quality work, professional service, and competitive pricing. Our team of professionals have years of experience in providing high-quality services to our clients. We offer all types of finishes:

  • Painting 
  • Staining 
  •  Lacquer

These services are for your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Contact us today!

Here is when to consider our services:

You Are Hosting

When you are hosting a party and want the kitchen to look its best, we will repaint your cabinets. The process is relatively quick and easy, with a few simple steps to get the job done.

The first step is identifying which cabinets need repainting. An excellent way we do this is by looking at appliances that may have kicked up dust or paint over time; these are usually near the ceiling of your kitchen. We will also look for cracks in the paint or identifying marks on your cabinets.

The next step is finding a good surface to work on, like an old blanket placed over a newspaper. Next, we will tape off any area you don’t want to get painted with painter’s tape and use newspapers while painting for easy cleanup. The last step is taking everything out of the cabinet that can be taken out before painting.

To Match the New Floor in Your Kitchen 

For your kitchen cabinets to match the new flooring, you need to repaint them. There are a few different ways we can go about painting your cabinets. We can paint the backsplash, the walls or both! 

We can paint the backsplash or walls with a matched color, or mix colors for an artistic look. We could also do something more dramatic, like painting stripes across the wall! If you’re not sure what will work best in your home kitchen, then take some time to consider all of our options before we start painting.

You Are Selling Your Home

Should you paint your kitchen cabinets before selling your house? There are a few good reasons to do so. First, the painting will make them look newer and cleaner. Second, it is one less thing for the buyer to worry about after they move in – that means more money in their pocket! 

And third, if the seller has done other upgrades to the kitchen, the painting will show that off. Finally, repainting the kitchen cabinets will increase the buyer’s interest in the property and make it more valuable. So, contact us today to repaint your kitchen which can also increase the resale value. 

Change the Overall Look of Your Kitchen

Are you looking for ways to change the look and feel of your kitchen? Get in touch with us to repaint your cabinets. Your kitchen is often the most used room in a home, which means it’s bound to get better with age (even if you don’t paint them). 

But sometimes, it can be difficult or expensive to change cabinet colors and styles because of how they’re mounted on walls and their sheer size. This is where our repainting services come into play. 

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to change the color of your kitchen without altering its actual size or shape, plus you’ll be able to get multiple colors for a fraction of the cost that it would take if you were installing new cabinets

Don’t stress yourself about changing the look of your cabinets. Please give us a call for the best cabinet finishing services!